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2016–2017 Fiscal Year Board
Mike Moore   President   LaHarpe Christian Church
Chuck Gorsch   Vice President   W. Burlington Christian Church
Jami Seggelke   Treasurer   Maple Avenue Christian Church
Connie Robertson   Secretary   Rushville Church of Christ
Chris Cook       Ferris Christian Church
Steve Minkler       Stronghurst Christian Church
Jeff Blackford       Antioch Christian Church, Marion, IA
Joel Grandon       Antioch Christian Church, Marion, IA
Mark Pettit       Burnside Christian Church

LaMoine Christian Service Camp is nestled two miles back in the woods off Hwy. 136 fifteen miles west of Macomb, IL and eight miles east of Carthage, IL. The camp sits on 39 acres and features seven cabins, two bath houses, manager's house, chapel, dining hall, multi-purpose building, hospitality room, staff housing, campfire ring, and several recreation opportunities including a 30' x 75' swimming pool with bath house. Since 1957 LaMoine Christian Service Camp has offered summer camp programs that provide for opportunities to make new friends or renew old friendships, enjoy good food, swim, have a whole lot of fun, and grow and mature personally and spiritually. The camp also offers opportunities for retreats, reunions, meetings, or other functions and gatherings.

The mission of LaMoine Christian Service Camp is to provide a Christian camping environment, challenging youth to love and serve Christ. We also extend that challenge to adults.

We believe God is the creator and sustainer of all things, Jesus Christ is God in the flesh by whom all must be saved, and the Bible is God's perfect and complete word to those who desire to live a Christian life. We also practice baptism by immersion for the forgiveness of sins and to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Camp Point Christian Service Camp

Old Dining Hall Finished


Swimming Pool

Dining Hall/Retreat Center


LaMoine Christian Camp started as an idea in the mind of a man named Melvin Fiscus in the year 1945. He was receiving a tour of the town of Camp Point as he was in the process of considering becoming the minister at the church. When he came across Bailey Park, he made the comment "Wouldn't this be an ideal place to start a camp for young people?" Two years later, he helped make it happen.

With the help of several area churches, Camp Point Christian Service camp saw 63 campers sleeping in tents in the 1947 one week camp. For meals, the campers walked to and from Camp Point Christian Church where they were served home-cooked meals by the women of the church. In time, they built a dining hall at the park, and the church brought food in to the camp for meals. Once a week, the campers would get on the back of a livestock truck and ride to Quincy to go swimming. The cost of a week of camp: $7.50.

The camp was getting larger every year and there was fear that they would outgrow their location too soon. They split the camp into two sessions, but they knew it wouldn't be enough. In 1956, area men visited Rock River Camp in Polo, IL and this led to a discussion about a new site for the camp. At this time, the camp treasury had a balance of $6.27.

One month later, a not-for-profit corporation was formed. One month after that, twenty acres were purchased in Hancock County on February 28th, 1957 for $850. Several names were suggested for the new site. They chose the name LaMoine Christian Service Camp because the land rested between the two forks of the LaMoine River.

A discussion came up about supplying water to the camp. Should they haul it in or dig a well? One of the men spoke up — "We are about to build a camp that we intend to use for at least a hundred and fifty years. Let's do it right and dig a deep well that will meet our needs for years to come."

Work began at the site, clearing out brush and cutting down extra trees. Many of them left their farms and offices unattended for several days and some even hired people to take their place while they put their own time into preparing the camp.

After a well was dug, plans were made and they began to build a building with a full kitchen and dining hall. They started construction in the spring of 1957 and set aside Mondays as an area work day. It rained for 10 successive Mondays and no work was done. Finally, they decided to work in the rain regardless and even by May 31st the work had hardly begun.

Meanwhile, each church began filling a barrel with cans of vegetables, fruits, and juices for camp. When they filled a barrel, it was taken away and put in storage, and another barrel was put in its place. One parsonage basement became so full of barrels that they almost ran out of room.

Less than six months after purchasing the property, there was already a cleared out area, a well, and a full kitchen and dining hall. At one time, there were 96 men working to get the roof finished. Church groups donated plastic dishes, silverware, and handmade pot holders and dish cloths. That summer, the camp served 274 campers in three sessions at a cost of $10 per camper.

Progress continued on after that first year. In 1958, the old chapel was built as well as living quarters for the nurse and cook.

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