LaMoine Christian Service Camp & Retreat Center

Camper Rules

  1. Everyone is required to follow the camp schedule.
  2. No one may leave the camp grounds without permission of the Dean.
  3. The use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs is strictly prohibited.
  4. Sickness or injury must be reported to the camp first-aid technician immediately. Prescription drugs are to be turned in to the first-aid technician for distribution.
  5. Automobiles are restricted during camp.
  6. In matters of dress, MODESTY must prevail. Halter tops, short shorts, etc. will not be allowed. Wear shoes at all times. Deans and faculty must enforce this. See the Official Camp Dress Code.
  7. Campers are discouraged from leaving camp for outside activities, such as ball games, etc.
  8. Please do not deface camp property. It's your camp too--help keep it looking nice. Intentional damage or damage due to unnecessary carelessness will result in the camper being charged for damages.
  9. iPods/mp3 players, Cell Phones, Laptops/Tablets, etc are a distraction to camp. The Dean has the privilege of confiscating such items.
  10. No camper is to be out of his/her dorm after lights are out.
  11. Please observe boundaries placed by the Dean.
  12. Food is not allowed in the cabin at any time; it attracts bugs and animals.
  13. Telephone calls may not be made without Deans permission.
  14. Stay out of the camp kitchen except at mealtimes.
  15. DO NOT push the beds together--it's a state law.
  16. You get it out, you put it back; you mess it up, you clean it up; you break it, you buy it; you abuse it, you lose it.

The Camp Director reserves the right to dismiss any camper or refuse admission to anyone who, in his opinion, is deemed undesirable as a companion for other campers. No refund made. All campers are expected to remain true to the ideals and regulations of the camp.

No one will be admitted as a camper who is infected with a communicable disease recognized as dangerous by the Illinois Department of Health.

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