LaMoine Christian Service Camp & Retreat Center

Summer Camp 2018 Schedule

Date Event Name Grades* Start Time End Time Registration Fee / Early Price†  Dean Register
-Ages 19-24Wed 4:00PMSat 3:00PM$150.00 ($130.00)  TBA
-4thSun 4:00PMWed 11:00AM$130.00 ($110.00)  TBA
-6th-8thWed 4:00PMSat 11:00AM$150.00 ($130.00)  TBA
-10th-13thSun 4:00PMFri 11:00AM$210.00 ($190.00)  TBA
1st-2ndSat 9:00AMSat 4:00PMFREE (FREE)  TBA
-9thSun 4:00PMFri 11:00AM$200.00 ($180.00)  TBA
-3rdFri 5:30PMSat 4:00PM$95.00 ($75.00)  TBA
-7th-8thSun 4:00PMFri 11:00AM$190.00 ($170.00)  TBA
Ages 5-17Sat 9:00AMSat 4:00PMFREE (FREE)  Connie Robertson
-5th-6thSun 4:00PMFri 11:00AM$190.00 ($170.00)  Matthew Thiner and Jason Triplett
-7th-8thSun 4:00PMFri 11:00AM$190.00 ($170.00)  Antioch Christian Church
-3rdFri 5:30PMSat 4:00PM$65.00 ($45.00)  Rachael Moore
-5th-6thSun 4:00PMThu 11:00AM$170.00 ($150.00)  Darren Funk
1st-2ndSat 9:00AMSat 4:00PMFREE (FREE)  TBA
-9th-12thTue 4:00PMFri 11:00AM$150.00 ($130.00)  TBA

* Grade entering in the fall
† Price if paid on or before early registration deadline – May 25, 2018.

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