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Posted: April 25, 2017

LCSC has been blessed to have four amazing Camp Managers: Bob Carver, Larry Roseen, Randy Chestnut, and Doug Hamer. With each, came a new version of LCSC. Now, we've transitioned to LCSC version 5.0.

Ths new version has new staff: Gordon Blankenship, Camp Manager, Aaron Penfield, Assistant Camp Manager, and Jamie Blankenship, Office/Hospitality Manager. This version also has new cabins (WITH A/C), new bunks, and new activities (like disc golf). There are many changes, but there is one thing that we have not, and will not change: our focus on sharing the Gospel message with everyone who comes onto these blessed grounds.

For seven generations, LCSC has focused on winning souls and transforming lives (I should know, my life is one of those that was transformed). The succes stories are far too man to list. We have alumni who are college presidents, pastors, public servants, factory workers, bankers, parents, grandparents, and so on. Tens of thousands of lives have been affected by the ministry of LCSC. Version 5.0 should reach tens of thousand more.

My prayer is that we will all band together to make this next version as successful as each of the previous versions. Will you join me in continuing to share the Gospel message? Will you support the ministry by sending youth to camp? Will you support the ministry by giving of your time, your money, and your prayer? I know you will. Thank you for your efforts and for all that you do for the Kingdom. I love and appreciate all of you. See you soon!

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Gordon Blankenship
Camp Manager

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