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Posted: July 4, 2007

Dear Partners in Ministry,

What a beautiful day it is today! We have clear skies, a cool morning breeze, and a forecast of temperatures in the mid 80’s. Today we are also blessed with 88 soon to be 4th graders, and the volunteer Dean and faculty needed to teach our campers about Jesus and His love for them.

Summer youth camp is continuing to go great. After the 4th, we will have finished the first half of our season and we have already witnessed many blessings: several baptisms in our swimming pool, spectacular Missions offerings, kids receiving their first Bible and others hearing of Jesus for the very first time. It’s still too early to tell, but it looks like we will be near 1000 campers once again this year.

I thank you for helping to make the blessings of this camp season possible. I know God produces the growth of His Kingdom, but you are one of many who help to provide this place where He does so much work each and every summer. I also ask you to continue to pray for our campers, staff, and faculty as we all work together to glorify God this summer at LaMoine Christian Service Camp.

Serving Our Savior Together,
Doug Hamer
Doug Hamer

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