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Posted: March 7, 2012

Dear Friend/s of LaMoine Camp,

Thank you so very much for your gift to the camp ministry! Together, we are providing a Christian camping environment that challenges youth and adults to love and serve Christ, and we simply can’t do it without you. Like loaves and fishes, God multiplies your gifts to bless 1,000 campers and hundreds of adults each year.

The next few months are very important for us as we prepare the camp for the summer activities and commit ourselves to fulfilling various camp related responsibilities. On March 8th, we will hold our Summer Camp Kick-off meeting at the camp and the churches will receive all the information they need to promote camp and register their kids. Churches will also receive their spring cleaning projects, food barrel items, and kitchen help schedule. Please keep in close touch with your home church as to how you might serve the camp during this time and “Thank you” in advance for all you do for the ministry of LaMoine Christian Camp. We need you!

The next three months are our busiest as we prepare for the camping season. We have  lawns to roll, cabins to clean, trees to trim, wood to split, mulch to spread, sports equipment to prepare, gravel to spread, rooms to paint, buildings to clear, picnic tables to move, septic systems to clean, trails to clear, Open House to prepare for, a pool to clean and fill, and the list goes on!  It could be overwhelming! But God is blessing us with some 45 congregations who will be bringing volunteers to help with these projects and more. What a joy it is to work together with brothers and sisters in the Lord’s work!

In such a busy season, it would be easy to focus so much on lists and projects that we lose sight of the goal. So please pray for us and with us that we will do it all for the glory of the Lord and the blessing of His children.

 Serving Our Savior Together,
Jon Gillespie/Facilities Manager

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