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Posted: October 3, 2012

Dear Friend/s of LaMoine Camp,

Our 2011-12 Fiscal Year is completed, and with it another year of the faithful support of our Christian camping partners and God’s rich blessings. First and foremost, I thank all of you who have covered our camp and our campers with your prayers throughout the past year. As my years in this ministry begin to add up, it becomes more and more evident how dependent we are upon God’s blessing and protection, and how faithful He is to the prayers of His saints.

Let me share just a few of the blessings of this past year. During our summer camp season, we offered 13 camp sessions, hosting 1,113 campers, 54 of whom made life-changing decisions for Christ while at camp. Our campers also gave over $6,000.00 to missions. Hundreds others volunteered their time to teach, lead, mentor, supervise, or work in our kitchen. Thank you all so very much for serving God at LaMoine this past summer! In addition to summer camp, we offered 10 other camp sponsored programs and hosted 37 retreats and day outings. Our brand new tractor and finish mower were purchased and put into operation this fiscal year as well. A huge blessing of this past fiscal year is that with our Program Manager, Matthew, was on staff for his first full year and that we were able to accomplish all these things while keeping our expenses within our income.

I am also announcing plans to move forward in a more aggressive manner with the modernizing of our cabins; adding restrooms, heat and air-conditioning, and storm shelters. A drive for “$50,000 in 5 months” will go from now until our Summer Camp Kick-off Meeting in mid-March of next year. The money received during this time will give us the remainder we need to complete our first cabin project. Your Camp Staff and Board of Directors have already committed $10,000 of this $50,000 goal. I am extremely excited and encouraged that the leadership of our camp would commit to 20% of our $50,000 goal. I am now asking that our Member Churches and individual camp partners continue their giving ways to bring in the additional $40,000 over the next 5 months. Please pray, spread the word, and give if you are able. With God’s blessing, we will have the financial resources to begin our first cabin project after next year’s summer camp season.

In closing, I thank you for your support of this valuable ministry in our own back yard. I continue to be humbled by all that God has done and is doing here at LaMoine. I ask God to bless all of you who are a part of this ministry and I am confident that God will continue to bless LaMoine Christian Service Camp.


Serving Our Savior Together,
Doug Hamer
Doug Hamer

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