We at LCSC have over 60 years of experience in working with youth and adults in a camp setting; so we know that you have questions. The following is a short list of some of those questions along with answers that we hope will assure you that you are prepared to send your youth to LaMoine Christian Service Camp. Of course, if we have failed to address your specific question, we hope that you will feel free to contact us by clicking on the email icon below and we will do our best to put your mind at ease.

This is a very personal and specific question. You will ultimately have to make that decision. We have discovered that most youth do very well at camp (typically far better than most parents assume). Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule. That is why LCSC has created a format to assist the youth in developing their adventurous spirit. We have day camps for the first time campers (1st-2nd grades), overnighters camps for those who are curious about what it is like to spend the night at camp (3rd grade), first chance camp for those who can handle being away from home for a few nights (4th grade), and full-week camps for the older kids (5th – 12th grades). We try to have something for everyone. My suggestion is to give it a try; if your camper is not able to stay, you can always pick him/her up early.

LaMoine Christian Service Camp is committed to providing a safe environment for everyone who comes to camp. LCSC employs a first aid certified tech to assist the campers and faculty with the distribution of medications. When you register your camper, you will be able to list all of their medications, when and how they should be distributed, and any other instructions. You will also be able to list any dietary restrictions and/or allergies. Only the first aid tech and executive staff will have access to those medications and instructions and they will forward the dietary restrictions and/or allergens to the kitchen staff. 

When you go to the registration page it will tell you which week is designed for your age camper based on the grade that he/she will be entering in the fall of the registration year. We do allow campers to attend a week of camp one grade above or below his/her grade. For example, if your child is entering 3rd grade in the fall, but they have an adventurous spirit and would like to stay for more than just one night, then he/she could attend the First Chance Camp. Also, there are no campers permitted to a high school week of camp over the age of 19. These rules are for the safety of our campers and will be strictly enforced.

LaMoine Christian Service Camp has a “no child turned away” policy. Meaning that we will not turn a child away because of a lack of funds. We have partner churches that can assist you (information can be provided upon request). We also have convenient payment plans available through our registration portal. Please keep in mind that LCSC is a non-profit and do your best to pay what you can, but send your youth – God will take care of what you cannot.

LaMoine Christian Service Camp is a Restoration Movement camp. We believe in the Triune God: God the Father, Jesus the Son, and their Holy Spirit who dwells within us. We believe in loving God and mankind; and we believe in obeying God’s Holy Word – The Bible. We practice baptism by immersion for the forgiveness of sins and we believe in the fellowship of God’s people. While we teach these things within the parameters of age-appropriate practices, we do not speak ill of other faiths and/or religious beliefs. We believe in loving people and encouraging them to grow in their faith on their terms. We do not practice bigotry as we believe that all are created equal in the eyes of God and that all are loved by Him. We simply teach love, tolerance, and grace. We believe what we believe and we will share those beliefs, but we will never force anyone to accept those beliefs as their own. In fact, we encourage everyone to get to know God on an intimate level because we know that He will change their lives forever. If a minor makes a decision for Christ at LCSC his/her parents and church (if applicable) are notified before taking any action.

Although it is strongly encouraged that adults abstain from helping during weeks in which his/her child is enrolled as a camper, there are plenty of opportunities for you to serve at LCSC. In fact, the bulk of our help comes from volunteers like you. LCSC needs assistance in maintaining the physical grounds (cleaning, mowing, etc), we need volunteers to assist in the kitchen, and we need volunteers who are willing to serve during our sessions as family leaders and/or teachers. If you would like more information on how you can assist God’s ministry here at LCSC look us up on our contact page. Hope to see you soon!

  • Bedding for a twin size bedding including sheets, pillow, blanket, or sleeping bag
  • Bible and study supplies including a notebook and something to write with
  • Toiletries including towels, washrags, soap, shampoo, deodorant (ESPECIALLY BOYS), and any hair products
  • Casual clothing including t-shirts, shorts, jeans, closed toe shoes (for the climbing wall), sandals, and a jacket
  •  Swimsuit and beach towel. LCSC has a modesty-first rule. Bikinis can only be worn with a dark colored t-shirt. Tankinis must cover the midriff. One-piece swimsuits are preferred. Boys’ swim trunks must be knee length – no speedo style trunks will be allowed.
  • Money for canteen and missions. Each week will host a different missionary and the campers are encouraged, but not required to give. LCSC also has a camp store that sells beverages, snacks, and merch. It is recommended that a child brings $10 – $20 for a week of camp. Canteen cards can be purchased for $10/piece and any unused portion can be donated to the mission or back to LCSC. A complete canteen listing can be found on our Canteen page.
  • Other items include bug sprays, sunscreen lotions, flashlights, and any outdoor activity accessories.
  • Food of any kind
  • Media devices including ipods, iphones, smartphones, radios, etc
  • Computer devices of any kind
  • Video game or portable television devices
  • Roller blades, skateboards, or wheelies
  • Fireworks, spray paint, or items designed to damage property
  • Tobacco, alcohol, or drugs (other than those prescribed by a healthcare professional and given to the first aid tech)
  • Firearms, knives, or any kind of weapon
Safety is of utmost importance at LCSC. Please know that we reserve the right to inspect personal property, including automobiles, and confiscate anything deemed inappropriate. LCSC also reserves the right to send any camper home who refuses to obey the rules and regulations of the camp.

Although we would never want to keep a parent away from a child, we have discovered that the child does best when he/she has the opportunity to unplug from home life (including his/her parents). If there is an emergency, you will absolutely be put in touch with your child; otherwise, there are other opportunities for you to monitor what is going on by checking out any one of our numerous social media sites. You can also send mail to your child through the USPS or leave mail for your child at our free on-site post office. The kids always love getting mail!

REGISTER YOUR KID! They will have a great time meeting new friends, seeing old friends, and growing in their faith. Go to the registration page and we will see you and your child soon!